Ready to Cook

Popular, but unloved!

An established South Indian brand of Ready to Cook (RTC) breakfast mixes was struggling to sell the new brand variants it had launched.

It had launched health food mixes for its Idli-wada-Dosa, etc. breakfast mixes.

These products would sell while the ad campaign was live, but would see an immediate dip in sales once the campaigns would go off air.

Despite conducting multiple surveys, the brand was unclear about the challenge faced by these brand variants.



We conducted surveys in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru to understand the perspectives of the consumer, retailers and their sales teams.



We highlighted key insights that influenced the brand’s go-to market strategy.

Consumers bought the breakfast health food instant mixes, expecting an authentic South Indian taste, which was in line with the image/ expectation set by the brand. However, the new health food b/f mix did taste good, but it did not have the expected, authentic South Indian taste and hence was a disappointment for consumer.

This experience prevented a consumer from buying the product for the second or the third time.

The challenge

As a major market player, they had invested a significant amount of capital in land, factory, machinery and raw materials for these variants and spinning it off under a separate brand was not possible. Thus, a course correction was required to recover the capital invested.

Way ahead

In a situation, where the product is not seen at par with the expectations set by the brand, it is difficult to change strategy or product.

We suggested that they sell this product in IRCTC (Indian Railways). A passenger travelling by train is always worried about falling ill due to the unhygienic food he eats during his journey.

When given an option of paying for a trusted food brand or food cooked by a random contractor, the passenger shall always choose the former.

This gave the client the option of selling all its manufactured products in one go – without any additional marketing expenditure. By tying up with IRCTC, the brand just had an additional sales channel, where it could sell ts brands and also save on wholesaler/ distributor margins and logistics costs – .i.e. more margin for every unit sold.


Our ideas were implemented in 3 months as the client could successfully tie up with IRCTC.

This allowed the client to have a brand new channel for selling all its products and not just the variant under consideration – more revenue with more margins

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