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A Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the first and arguably the greatest social media channel we have ever seen. What makes me say so?

  1. Over 38% of the planet’s population has an active Facebook account!
  2. 8 new users join Facebook using the Facebook login page every single second!
  3. There are around 2.8 billion mobile users of Facebook! A lot of them use FB Lite / Facebook Lite, a version that allows you to scroll using less data.
  4. Asia Pacific has the largest number of Facebook users!
  5. Facebook Lite or FB Lite is used by around 1 billion users.

Considering all these statistics, you could say without any hesitation that Facebook could easily qualify as a large country (going by the number of users)!

Being a business, you need to make sure you’re always in front of your target audience. The customers remember the brand that has caught their attention instead of simply giving some information.

Always remember that people see social media sites as a source of entertainment. You can’t simply advertise and expect people to like your content.

Most of high-profile brands have made sure that they are present on Facebook to interact with their customers and prospects. All these activities help a brand advertise and improve their brand awareness.

You’ll see many such posts on Facebook that will make you stop scrolling and go through their content. This is the power of social media added with a bit of creativity.

Now that we have established how big a platform Facebook is, let me give you a few tips on Facebook marketing for your brand.

1. Facebook page

Facebook Page

Facebook Page of Mercedes Benz

Before you get excited about all the content you can come up with, your brand must have a page on Facebook. Having a page has its benefits such as:

  1. Unlike a profile you won’t have to accept friend requests. The people who are interested in your brand can simply like your page and get updates whenever you post any content.
  2. A Facebook profile has a limit of 5000 friends. Meanwhile, having followers on your page doesn’t have any limits. According to Wikipedia, the highest followed page as on November 2022 is Facebook’s own page with 182 million followers followed by Samsung with 161 million, and Cristiano Ronaldo in the third position with 154 million followers.
  3. You barely need a few minutes to set up a Facebook page and hit the ground running.

To set up your Facebook page, you’ll have to do a few basic things from coming up with a profile photo which has to be your logo, and a cover photo which should have something unique.

Other than these images, you have to come up with something cheeky in the ‘about’ section. This has to be relevant to your business with the right information being provided.

Keep your Facebook page casual unless you are into a business that shouldn’t come up with something funny.

Once you’ve looked after these basics, it’s time to come up with the posts and hit the timeline.

The people who have liked your page will see your posts on their news feed. Keep your posts relevant and engaging to make sure your viewers like them. Your viewers wouldn’t like to see you bombard them with multiple posts in quick succession.

Post one or two photos per day if necessary. At the same time, it should be something new and not the same posts that are repeated over and over again.

2. Promoting your page on your website

Website Promotion

You must have seen a lot of websites that provide their own social media links along with the rest of their contact information. This is one way of letting your customer know that you’re present on other platforms too.

The customers might end up clicking on the link and hence, you not only get a view but an opportunity to showcase more about your brand to the customer through the social media platform.

Similarly, we have seen companies send out emails about their latest products. Along with this, you see a link to their social media accounts just to make sure that the customers are aware of the pages on their social media accounts. 

3. Create Facebook group

Facebook Group

We have so often seen groups being created on Facebook with a large number of users in them.

All you need to do is create a group and add a relevant audience. Treat them like your own children and answer all their queries.

If they are happy with your content and your work, they will add a few of their friends too.

This is a great platform for you to address your audience publicly. An answer that you give to a question can be seen by all the members of the group.

Having a group and addressing your audience in the right way could help you create a positive impact on a huge number of people at the same time.

4.Plan your content strategy

It’s all about what your audience wants, right? Creativity is encouraged, but think about what you’re going to post that will do well. For example:

  • Industry news
  • Company news
  • Tips
  • Reviews/testimonials
  • New products and promotions

Create posts on this topics and plan it accordingly. Use Facebook(Meta) business suite or Facebook(Meta) Creator studio to create, schedule, edit, your Facebook posts.


5. Focus on engagement

Focus on engagement

Your audience will get bored of one way communication. Instead of simply focusing on giving, start receiving.

When I say receive, I certainly don’t mean gifts and hampers.

There’s something more valuable that could help your business grow in this competitive environment.

Go through the comment sections of each posts and look for valuable feedback and respond to it in a helpful and positive way. Keep in mind that the world is watching and you can’t be ugly in front of them.

Look for the comments that has the highest number of likes because these may be the funny ones. Give them a reply as long as it makes your company look good.

  Indulging in such engagements would certainly get you a few fans who would wait to see your responses to cheeky comments on your posts.

One might think how exactly will all these promotions and engagement help you get the right customers.

Well, it is true that all the people who follow your page or interact with you may not be your target set of audience, but a good impression on them will definitely get you a positive ‘Word of mouth’.

All businesses would only like to focus on the right audience!

That brings me to my next point…..

6.Targeting the right set of audience

Targeting Audience


An automobile-selling company would like their ads to be seen by people of age 30-60. This age set is usually settled in life and can afford luxuries like a vehicle.

Similarly, there might be companies who would want to target audiences based on their geographic locations, age, and interests.

Being a business entity, some might think that it’s better to simply target the right set of audience. Well, Facebook is a blessing for such firms who wish to be precise.

Facebook has a targeting feature. If you have a basic idea of who your target audience is, you can start building an audience in Facebook Ads Manager. Once you enable this on your page, you can set the parameters based on gender, age group, geographic location, and much more!           


Facebook really is a hub for advertising and businesses. With Facebook marketing, you’ll get high-quality leads because Facebook gives you all the information you need.People are addicted to Facebook. They sign in every single day, that makes them connect to your brand every single day. It’s easier to build brand loyalty among them. In order to stay on top of trends, you need to make sure that your Facebook strategy is up-to-date and this can be a game-changer for you and your business.

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