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Digital Marketing in 2019

The internet just completed 30 years! Hard to believe, but yes it`s very young! It seems like we have been using it forever. The world has changed considerably since the invention of the internet and it continues to change as you read this blog.

With new applications and technology being adopted everyday, it`s possible that what you or a business may invest in, may actually be on its way out.

We`ve highlighted a few points that could help you make better marketing decisions  in 2019. Here are 7 tips that we feel will change the way you sell and market online.

Use every medium possible:

1. Use every medium possible:

Using plain ideas like inviting as many friends as possible to like and share your posts/ product images on social media are pre-historic. The key highlight here is to be present wherever possible. Use each and every trick possible to grow traffic to your website and social media pages. Some major tactics include:

a) Social Media Ads

b) Pay per click ads

c) Banner Ads

d) Growth Hacking

e) Search Engine Optimization

f) Content Marketing

The more the number of channels, the better your chances for success.

Voice Search and voice commands will takeover text search

2. Voice Search and voice commands will takeover text search

According to Comscore, by 2020, 50% of all Google searches will be done by voice search. Hence, engage the traffic your website gets by leveraging voice search. You can do this by:

l Ensure your website is secure (HTTPS in the web address)

l Your website must load fast (in under 4 seconds)

l Always to give short and to the point answers to all the queries – pushes your website higher in Google search results.

Digital Marketing in 2019, Digital Marketing

Conversion Optimization:

3. Conversion Optimization:

Everything becomes expensive day by day and advertising is no exception. The only way you sell more products is by getting more of your website visitors to convert, .i.e. increasing your conversion rate.

The better your content, the more chances you have to optimize your website and get better conversions. We suggest some tools which can help you convert more visitors to your website:

a) Crazy egg

b) Hello bar

c) Hot Jar

d) VWO

e) Google Analytics

f) Kiss Metrics

g) SEM rush

These tools can help you stay ahead of your competition in the future.

Digital Marketing in 2019, Digital Marketing

Marketing Funnels

4. Marketing Funnels:

Having a marketing funnel to properly understand your consumer is a must. Multinationals like Unilever, Pepsi, Coke and P&G spend millions of Dollars each year to understand a consumer`s mindset and his/ her path to purchase.

Doing anything to attract consumers is tough, without truly understanding what he/ she wants.

Once you are able to identify your consumers correctly, the marketing funnel does something even more important – selling more to the same consumers. You can sell other variants/ flavours/ attachments/ anything else that you make once a consumer trusts you. You must focus on:

l Up selling

l Down selling

l Cross selling

l Lifetime value of a customer

l Customer churn

This applies to all your products whether it is a physical product that you ship or a digital service that you offer. You must have a complete track, from the visitor to the conversion point. This helps to generate the lifetime return value of the respective customer.

Digital Marketing in 2019, Digital Marketing

Quality still matters over quantity

5. Quality still matters over quantity:

Whether it`s a product or a service that you are selling – you need to differentiate yourself. A simple Google search for software, shoes, clothes, electronics or anything else will yield at least a few thousand websites.

Marketing will not always provide you with the best results.

Ex: Blogging is very popular in the digital world and has now become so repetitive that most of them display the same information again and again! Unless you work hard to get some new or unique information that people have never seen before – your content marketing will not work this year.

Think of ways to distinguish your products and to distinguish it in front of consumers.

Digital Marketing in 2019, Digital Marketing

Video Content

6. Video Content:

I bet you have heard a lot about this! Video is the future of digital marketing!!

People like to watch and listen to you rather than reading about you. Scientifically speaking, our brain finds it easier to listen and understand, than to read and understand what a person is talking about. Even top social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube also gives you mind blabbering views if your content is good.

Digital Marketing in 2019, Digital Marketing

Podcasts/ audiobooks are in!

7. Podcasts/ audiobooks are in!

Podcast are nothing but audio recordings. According to a study – 75% of the people who listen to podcasts have an annual income of over Rs 50 lakhs. That, is an elusive audience which is tough to catch!!

Many people like listening to podcasts as you can easily continue doing anything else, while paying attention to the speaker. With a video, people may sometimes feel like they may miss out on something if they do not see the visual – and hence prefer podcasts.

With the rise of audio searches (Alexa, Google Home, Siri), it is easier for your website to be found if it has podcasts embedded in it.


These are some tactics that can help you drive traffic and increase sales on your website in 2019. Keep following our blog for more ideas to grow your business.

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