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How to write a blog rich in SEO content

Since you’re here, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with SEO. It’s very important that we should be on the same page before we turn you into a blogger!

Once again, just to be on the same page, we are not going to turn you into a blogger right away. This takes time and effort from your side, but we assure you that it will happen, provided you follow whatever we are about to tell you.

So let’s get started.

 What’s a SEO content?

SEO content focuses mainly on the keywords used in your blog. Top bloggers go through the trouble of finding the right keywords for their blogs. When we say, “right keywords”, it means relevant keywords. It is very important that you strictly use keywords that are relevant to your blog. You can take help of any keyword planner. Most efficient and easy to use tool is google keyword planner

The search engine takes in all these factors before ranking your blog. Remember that there are millions of other bloggers who go through the pain of finding these keywords and some of them might be better at this game than you. For this your keyword research game should be on top.

How to write the “right” blog?

  1. Personal Touch

People tend to show interest in your blog post when you talk about your personal hands-on experience. A perfect mixture of appropriate information and personal experience would make the right blend for your blog post to succeed.

Your readers should feel like you’ve added examples to give better clarity to your context.

  1. Value addition

Value addition

Remember the last time you read an article completely? Did you feel like you gained something or maybe you became aware of something which you didn’t know existed?

It is very important that your reader feels like he gained something after reading your blog. People must feel like it’s worth spending time on your blog. And this will help your ranking of blog or website on search engine.

To do this, you must give your readers relevant content. Your niche audience must be able to connect to your content so that their eyeballs are glued to the screen and most importantly, to your blog.

  1. A problem-solving heading

Problem solving heading

Why should an individual click on your link? There are thousands of articles giving the same information as yours. What catches the eye of a reader is the heading.

The first instinct that follows him after reading the heading must be, “This ought to solve my problem”. That’s when you break the ice and show off your charm.

A preferred way of starting the heading is with, “how to” followed by whichever problem the article is about to solve.

If your heading can’t break the ice, it won’t matter how good your content is, the reader will never go for it.

  1. Engaging content

Engaging content

When we talk about engaging content, it has to be something that can grab the attention of a person. You grab the readers attention by empathizing and developing a friendly voice with him. He must feel like his problems have been understood and that the blogger is giving the perfect balance of information to solve it.

While writing the blog, think from a reader’s perspective and keep asking yourself what should be next.

This quality isn’t developed overnight. You’ve to keep practicing and with time you’ll start noticing new things which will eventually make you a better blogger.

  1. Short and precise paragraphs

It is one of the most basic tip in blog writing. Observe any pro blogger, they will always stick to short paragraphs with precise sentences and always stick to the point.

This helps in keeping the readers engaged with your content by not sounding boring. The long sentences and paragraphs make the reader bored and eventually, he ends up leaving the page.

  1. Concluding your blog

A conclusion might not always be seen as an integral part of blogging by many, but that’s definitely not the opinion of the pro bloggers. The reader must have a feel-good factor after reading your blog and this can be achieved if you conclude in the right way.

Conclude by summarizing the important points from your blog. This will keep the contents fresh in the reader’s mind and he will end up feeling positive about the time he spent on your blog.

This is where you can develop a feeling of trust with your reader, maybe even bait him into another one of your blogs that is linked with this blog. Just provide a hyperlink and mention something like, “you might also want to read” followed by the heading of the next blog.


The reason to write this blog is to make sure that the amateur bloggers out there are aware of a few of the basic skills that could help them be great bloggers.

Notice how we kept the points short and stuck with what’s required. This is how you make sure the person doesn’t lose interest in your content.

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