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LinkedIn Marketing: 4 Digital Marketing Trends to increase LinkedIn Profile views

People often struggle to gain Linkedin page and profile views on LinkedIn. Do you know why?

Because they are not aware of various LinkedIn marketing skills to increase the number of people looking and interacting with your page and profile. More views, mean more visibility, more connections, more job opportunities, more business opportunities and more

One thing that most of us do and experience is we work a lot on it, but with no results, we get demotivated. Here are the tactics to gain views and improve your LinkedIn marketing skills in just two weeks.

1. Join Relevant Groups: 

You might have joined some groups on LinkedIn for marketing, but go onto those groups and check how many are active. To increase views, you need a functional group. If there has been no discussion in it for 2-3 days, leave that group and look for new ones. You can find better groups, how? In the search bar at the top, search for any relevant keyword, example, if you want more business owners to see your page and profile, then search – ‘Business Owners’ or ‘Business Leaders,’ and then on the left bar select ‘Groups’ filter to filter your results.

You might come across groups that need permission to join; you can apply to enter those groups and note that the groups should be active, .i.e. it must have many posts daily, to attract more viewers. You also need to be an active contributor in these groups – 2 to 3 posts a day.

There is no maximum limit for the number of members in a group. There is no such rule, but to reach every corner while doing LinkedIn marketing: 
· First select a small group- less than 300 members
· Then medium sized groups- less than 1000 members
· Now, select big active groups between 2000 -100,000 members

2. Get the idea to start effectively:

Look around when you join a group. If you are thinking about where to start, then let us give you an idea. Scroll through the group and select a post of discussion, a post which has many comments preferably. You can like and comment based on what you know is trending in your

Also, look for what type of questions people ask (open-ended, formal or casual, ideas or discussions) and how influencers write answers. It will not only give you knowledge about your field but will also give you the means to increase your network. It will ultimately result in your
getting lots of opportunities.

Seeking advice and expressing ideas can keep a group more engaging, and you also get a chance to show your Creative mind, and get familiar with others.

3. Be a part of discussions:

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It doesn’t matter if the discussion is active or not; you can always start by sharing relevant answers and join a conversation without hesitation.

While commenting, note that you add new valuable information to it. Suppose if you agree with someone’s point of view. Write, I agree with you and then continue by adding your experience or opinion. That’s how LinkedIn marketing works.

4. Lead a discussion:

Women’s hand typing on mobile smartphone, Live Chat Chatting on application Communication Digital Web and social network Concept. Work from home.

When you start your discussion, start it with an open-ended question like- I need advice about so and so….. It will be beneficial for you, and at the same time, other members can ask their doubts too.

You can also post articles from your website or any industry news. You can always share your good work, company celebration, anything that other members will like, and let people know about your company, which will let more people know about you.

Many of you might not be aware that LinkedIn lets you post your conversation link on Facebook and Twitter, so as to start a healthy conversation. It will boost your profile or page visibility on


After doing all the things listed above, you will surely get more visibility. However, there are many other tips which you can follow for LinkedIn marketing. Keep following us to get more tips and hacks.

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