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Must Follow Instagram Reel Hacks and Tricks

These days every person or brand follows multiple Instagram reels, but how many of you know , how to use Instagram Reels effectively? How many of you know how to watch Instagram Reels? Instagram reels are much more than just fun; it’s about sharing knowledge, information and emotions on your Instagram reels. Today we shall share top Instagram Reels hacks and strategies so that you can use Instagram Reels more and grow your business!

  1. Be the first to share the trend: 

Instagram Reels have come into existence after the rise of Tik Tok. People go viral on Tik Tok because content creators create interesting videos, which many people view. These viral videos can also be rolled out on Instagram.

If you wish to go viral on Instagram reels, beat the trend and be one of the first to share a video. Follow certain brands or your competitors to know what’s trending. Today, people look for trending images, videos and content. These trendy videos often deliver you good results; which is a lot of visibility, followers and in short more sales.

2. Re-Share engaging Instagram Reels:

In case you’re sharing Instagram Reels that are performing well for you, share them AGAIN! There is no disgrace in re-sharing well-engaged content. It did well on purpose!! You can re-share it giving your followers an opportunity to engage with it once more. After sharing it for a second time, the video will get considerably more views and many more likes/engagement.

3. Add a Call to Action (CTA):

Adding CTA to your Instagram reels sounds straightforward. However, this hack will transform the way you get engagement, views, and saves! After all, you need your audience to engage with your posts more in order to turn them into followers. Followers can then become your customers or clients, so you want to keep them around.

Share reels on your stories, add text, and encourage people to follow.

4. Personal Stories do well

Personal  stories do well even in image posts; then imagine Instagram Reels can do wonders. Your audience wants to know more about your business, behind the scenes, and your company story. Share something which involves fun, is inspiring, like- how you started your business, who inspired you, and so on.

Putting this in Instagram Reels can give you better results. In case if you have a personal brand, it’s more important. Bringing people on your story, will increase your brand.

5. Post Similar High Performing Content

If you find one of your one reel is doing better, post similar ones and keep the momentum going. Let people engage with your reels and visit your profile more often. Posting similar reels get you good visibility. The same is true for posts and not just Instagram reels. Be consistent; you won’t find results instantly, but, in the long run, it will help you.


To gain something, you need to be consistent. If you see something going well for your audience, keep doing it. Social media is meant for being social. Scroll and take time to engage with your audience and engage with the ones who support you regularly. And most importantly – the quality of content in Instagram Reels should constantly improve to help you grow and develop your audience.

Apply these Instagram Reels hacks for your business, and we are sure you can create and do wonders with Instagram Reels.

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