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10 ways to grow web traffic and sales – TODAY!!

“The only thing permanent is change” – Heraclitus

Sick of social media/ Google web algorithm changes? We are too! Do you wish to grow your sales and engage more traffic to your website?

Well, who doesn’t?

From Google to Facebook, online marketing keeps changing literally everyday – and it keeps getting tougher day by day! Even if you opt for running paid ads, there is still no guarantee for success. Continuous experimentation is the only way to get good results – and even the “experts” fail on many days!

Digital marketing is not as easy as it once used to be. With everyone from teenagers to large established businesses working hard to sell products online – marketing online has only become tougher and costlier.We understand this, which is why we are sharing these 10 points, which have worked well for us to sell more and earn more online!

 Video re-marketing

1. Video re-marketing:

This is the highest converting marketing tactic. You can always re-market every person who visits your profile but does not get converted. You can opt to show them a video highlighting what it would be like to be a customer. These videos can be shown in top social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. So every rupee you spent on this, can generate you more than 20 times return on your ad spend. This tactic works extremely well for all, whether you are in B2B or B2C. Just focus that you keep your video short (Minimum 5 minutes) and simple.

Identify alternative pages to redirect traffic to

2. Identify alternative pages to redirect traffic to

Most re-marketing campaigns do not work because you drive your traffic back to the same page where people left it before. Instead of doing that you can drive your traffic to the another page which has the same information displayed in another format. For instance, If your original sales page had too much of text, try a landing page that has images, instead of text.

The person who didn’t buy from you the first time had a reason. You need to show them something different if you want them to convert him/her as a customer.

Two-step checkout

3. Two-step checkout

Once someone shares their name and email, they are likely to give you all their information. If they don’t you can also email everyone who didn’t complete the entire sale process and convert them.

If your website is new, always use a 2-step checkout page. Whether it is a lead generation page or an e-commerce checkout page, use a 2-step process.

Sidebars are critical

4. Sidebars are critical

For a blog, link every page with a sidebar. This applies to all your blogs present on the website.

You don’t have to make the links rich in anchor text, but this one thing can give more traffic to your cornerstone content.

Approx in a year of doing this change, your pages will shoot up to the top of Google for competitive terms.

Blend in keywords from Google Suggest

5. Blend in keywords from Google Suggest

If you are already in the race for popular terms, take them and put them in “Ubersuggest”. It will provide you a list of long-tail phrases that people always search for.

Use those keywords (only the ones that are related) into the same page that ranks for the main head phrase. This one hack will help you increase the traffic to your most popular pages within a month or two.

Just be careful when doing this, as businesses sometimes tend to overdo it, which is not good. You need to adjust the content and also be relevant to the long-tail phrases if you want this hack to work.

 Don’t stop with email

6. Don’t stop with email

Email marketing offers some of the most Email marketing is something that most blogs and sites focus on. If you add in push notifications and add in chatbots, you can double up the traffic you were getting from the email.

In simple words, if emails drive you 1000 people a month, push and chatbots combined can add another 1000 people a month. You can also find that push notifications and chatbot notifications generate higher click-through rates than email. They also receive more subscribers. So, the next time you are sending out an email, do not forget to also send out that same message to your push notification and chatbot list.

Brand queries increase your page/ Google Search rankings

7. Brand queries increase your page/ Google Search rankings

It’s important to have people typing and searching for your brand online in Google Search.

No matter which industry you belong to or are targeting. When people type and search your brand or product, it in effect makes Google notice you. Google ranks your business in search results – when people search for your product/ service.

Doing PR stunts can help your business (read Sir Richard Branson). You can keep a track of the stunts which are working by typing your brand name into “Google Trends”. If you become successful with this strategy, you should see your results within 2 or 3 months.

The first 24 hours are critical for Youtube

8. The first 24 hours are critical for Youtube

The first 24 hours are very very critical video, if you want your video to go viral on  “YouTube”. Youtube’s algorithm works in a very different way as compared to the normal SEO (complete opposite is the right term). Your video is automatically pushed up by Youtube, if it gets a lot of traffic in the first 24 hours.

Before you plan to release a video on Youtube, promote it via your email list, push notification list and in any other way possible to ensure that it generates curiosity and attracts a good amount of traffic in the first 24 hours. It is a great way to ensure that your video does well.

More comments = more traffic on Facebook/ Instagram

9. More comments = more traffic on Facebook/ Instagram

Facebook values a post’s comments over its shares and its shares over its likes. The more the number of comments that your post/ video generates, the greater its views and chance of going viral. 

A simple way to get more comments on social media is to just ask people to share what they like about your post or what they would like to change about your video. 

Loyal and engaged consumers leave honest comments/ replies, which helps your post go viral and gives you a chance to improve your product/ service. 

This is the easiest way to ensure you get 2 to 3 times the reach by following Facebook’s algorithm.

Dates in URLs don’t help

10. Dates in URLs don’t help

A lot of businesses put dates in their webpage URLs with the hope that major media outlets will visit them and quote them. Sorry to burst your bubble, but things don’t work like that!

We have observed that by removing the dates in a URL, the search traffic goes up by over 50%. This is the smartest way to ensure that your page starts getting decent traffic from day 1.

When you make any change to a webpage URL, be sure to use 301 redirects and update all of your internal links to the new URL – in order to avoid a page does not exist message.


These were some easy and simple tactics which will help drive traffic and sales to your company. No matter what vertical you are marketing in, it is competitive.

You are never going to find that one hack that’ll help drastically increase your traffic. You’ll have to focus on doing a lot of little things. But don’t take them for easy because all of those little things can add up to a massive amount of traffic over time.

Keep following our blog for more such tricks and tips to increase your digital marketing skills.

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