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Sales And Lead Generation

We ensure that you get sales/ leads each time a consumer googles your product, category or industry! We use the state of the art technology platforms, and engaging creatives to assure our clients get the best Return on Investment.

Go For It Communications: Top Search Engine Marketing Company in Mumbai

A form of internet marketing which is associated with researching, submitting and positioning of a website within search engines to achieve maximum visibility, Search Engine Marketing involves driving more and better qualified traffic to the website of the company through search engines. Therefore a deep and solid understanding of search engine marketing is important to a successful marketing campaign. By partnering with the best-of-brand technology providers, the SEM services provided by Go For It Communications includes Keyword research, Technical audit, Onsite SEO, Monitoring and reporting, Link building, Local SEO, Objective and strategy and Competitive analysis to provide our clients with a reliable stream of innovation and a dependable basis for future growth.


Professional Search Engine Marketing Tools

With the primary goal of increasing a website’s search engine visibility on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) through search optimization and search advertising. The basic objective is to generate high website traffic by altering and rewriting ads with high ranking keywords and this can be achieved by making use of SEM tools.

Google AdWords

A web-based advertising tool, it adopts keywords that can deliver adverts explicitly to web users who look for information related to a particular product or service. It is a practical tool used for increasing consumer’s investment earnings on internet advertising.


One of the greatest competitive research tool, SEMrush helps in determining the list of pages and sites that are ranking for the keywords used. It helps to conduct an in-depth backlink analysis, to enhance organic search and to view displays from different devices.


A competitive keyword research tool, SpyFu helps in building AdWord campaigns and also in building SEO strategies where keyword plays a vital role. Not merely restricted to keyword analysis and domain statistics, the tool also helps in increasing the website’s traffic as well as make better connections by keeping a check on the competitor’s keywords.


It helps in keyword tracking and enables to perform advanced keyword research and also in-depth analysis of the competitors. KeywordSpy helps in tracing keywords and studying different advertising strategies used by the competitors for their PPC and AdWords campaigns.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Businesses

A cost effective way of reaching the audience, SEM services in India are provided as there are various benefits of search engine marketing. They are –
SEM captures the attention of the audience at the right time: SEM helps in increasing traffic at the website and also the possibility of the ad being noticed by a large number of people. Since people already search for the products using specific key terms, serving the ad becomes easier with the help of SEM as the ads are targeted.

Quick and easy to set up

Taking a short time to implement, it is up and running within a short period of time. Changes according the audience’s behaviour and search terms can also be made easily, but it takes some time before the impact of the strategies start reflecting.


The tools available help in tracking the audience’s reactions with an in-depth analysis. The analytical tools give the power to boost and make any changes in the keywords or paid searches.

Raises brand awareness

SEM plays a vital role in increasing the visibility of the website which ultimately leads brand awareness for the business. The higher the product or service ranks in the search engines, more likely it is that the consumers visit the website.

Search Engine Marketing Services Provided by Go For It Communications

Search engine marketing includes a vast range of activities which all help in making your website more visible to the global population. If someone types the name of your brand/website on a search engine, it is crucial that your website appears on top rather than other pages.

Here at Go For It Communications, we help you define your search engine optimization objectives and develop a realistic strategy with you that will help you achieve the desired results at an affordable rate

Keyword Research

We will perform keyword research to ensure that we are targeting the right terms for you. Not just keywords that will deliver high volume, but the right search phrases that will convert into business.

Technical Audit

This involves analyzing your website from a technical perspective to ensure the search engines are able to effectively find, crawl and index your web pages to ensure maximum visibility. We use a combination of advanced crawling software and manual audits to check every page of your site.

Onsite SEO

We will analyze your websites structure, internal architecture and other important elements of content that are weighted within the search engines algorithms to provide full recommendations for improved relevancy and alignment in targeting your keywords.

Monitoring & Reporting

Providing monthly reporting on rankings and the changes in position within the search engines by themselves does not mean much, so we also provide full analytical reporting on visitors, conversions, revenue (or value) where possible, so the performance of the campaign can be attributed back to the SEO investment.

Link Building

Link Building’ is really outdated terminology for marketing online. It’s often the area that is forgotten or not given the level of expertise and time it deserves. Today ‘link building’ encompasses content, PR and outreach.

Local SEO

With over 7% of results now including a map listing on Google, we make sure our approach covers all angles to ensure excellent results.

Competitor Analysis

This is a general assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.
Over the years Search Marketing, has proven to be an integral part of an advertising campaign. An agency which specializes in search marketing will be able to use it to the fullest for the benefit of your brand.

Lead Generation Services by Go For It Communications

The art of Lead Generation is the highlight of any Digital Advertising agency, and we at Go For It Communications are no strangers on how to amplify your business by making use of it. Go For It Communications specializes in the art of concrete Lead Generation. Once the agency creates the website and advertises about the product, leads reach the consumers and helps generate a genuine interest in the brands. Having a Lead Generation software is vital, especially to test various methods. This is something only a good advertising agency can provide. And by providing Lead Generation services like Follow up Marketing, Database Penetration, Google Adwords, targeted Media Banners and Lead Filtering, Go For It Communications helps in boosting each kind of business.

Online Lead Generation Strategies

Since lead generation is an extremely important stepping stone in marketing and sales, it is all the more important to do it right. There are a number of strategies to be followed which are simple and cost-effective to implement.

  1. Direct Mail: A direct way of accessing inaccessible prospects; helps in selling products, generating sales leads, follow up enquiries, get more business from current customers, and to keep in touch with former customers. It also gives the opportunity to present every benefit of the products and services.
  2. Referral Systems: A third-party based recommendations are powerful. Getting customers to refer, shows trust in the business and helps build a positive reputation, enhance customer loyalty and will increase sales and profits.
  3. Effective Advertising: There are quite a few ways of using effective advertising in a targeted manner which would help grow the business. They are – advertising through mediums that have far and wide reach, focussing the communication on the prospect’s interests, providing proper information and offering something that is appealing which would get the prospects to respond positively.
  4. Telemarketing: One of the effective means of marketing, telemarketing techniques can be used to implement extensive campaigns and even allows immediate feedbacks from customers and prospects.
  5. Word-of-mouth Marketing: A powerful, effective and persuasive means of marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is more is more forceful than advertising.
  6. Networking: Effective networking is extremely vital for success. Meeting people, making new contacts, developing quality business relationships, using the contact database effectively and polishing communication skills are the ways of creating extensive networks to spread the business.
  7. Internet/e-commerce: A widely used medium, internet is now an important element in business communication. A good attractive, interactive and informative website goes a long way in obtaining new prospects and converting them into customers.
  8. Public relations and Publicity: Using PR appropriately helps getting free coverage from television, radios, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals, online websites who have access to the potential customers.
  9. SEO: It is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.
  10. Newsletters: Sending regular newsletters to the clients helps in building closer relationships with them and also helps in educating the target market. It helps in keeping the target audience informed about the full extent of the services.

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