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Every Marketer Should Know these top 8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The Covid-19 is being called a Black Swan event. An event that is extremely unique and so disastrous, that it was completely unpredictable. The Corona Virus Pandemic has shut down many businesses, industries and sectors – some of them permanently! Due to the pandemic, we all can see the transformation in the markets and consumers. Most products and services have moved online, and employees will continue to work remotely. After months of varied customer responses, the pandemic has given us some insight into the digital marketing trends that will rule in 2021. 

There are various digital marketing trends for 2021 that your business needs to consider to engage and retain current customers, educate more people about your brand, and generate more leads & revenue. Focus on these Eight Digital Marketing trends for your business’ internet marketing.

  1. Interactive Content

One of the fastest developing advanced digital marketing trend in recent times is interactive content. In 2021, we’re bound to see a shift from common content towards dynamic, engaging content that offers users a better experience. 

  • 360-degree videos
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Embedded calculators
  • Augmented reality ads


360-degree videos are helpful for industries like Real Estate, Interiors, Makeup Artists, Clothing & Accessories, and other creative fields. So, take full advantage of these digital marketing trends.  

2. Voice Search

Voice search is currently not a part of the Google Algorithm, but today, people want everything ready-made in one search. Voice search queries usually throw up different results than the normal results a user gets had he/ she typed in the search bar. It’s good for you business’ SEO, and a better idea for businesses to be on their toes with voice search. Many people are adapting and switching over to a voice search instead of a typed search. 

39% of all Google users, use use Google Voice Assistant on their smartphones & 49% of those have used voice search on their smart speaker (stats from HubSpot and Luc). 

The stats clearly, indicates that almost 50% of the audience is using voice search, and there will be a boom in ‘Voice search’ soon.


Improve your local listings; if someone searches for ‘Best Digital Marketing Companies in India,’ you should be in the top five list on Google.  

3. Visual Search:

Visual search is a new experience for the audience. You can upload an image on Google and get specific results related to the image uploaded.

A) Pinterest Lens

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – Pinterest Lens

Pinterest has introduced a new feature in visual search: ‘Lens’. It’s a visual search tool, which permits users to snap a picture of anything they want to discover. They can get information about, where they can get it on the web, look for comparative items or view pin boards of things related to it.


Optimize for visual search because the top search categories for Lens are:

  • Fashion
  • Home decor
  • Art
  • Food
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Outfits
  • Beauty
  • Travel

B) Google lens

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – Google Lens

Along with Pinterest, Google has launched Google Lens – a visual search engine by Google, which perceives articles and tourist spots through a camera application. You can do this when you snap a picture of the accompanying things:

  • Apparel and home goods: Discover comparable items and where to get them.
  • Books: Get a summary and see reviews.
  • Event flyer: Add any occasion to your calendar.
  • Landmark or building: Find ancient facts, hours of work, etc.
  • Painting in a museum: Read about the artist and know more.

C) CamFind

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – CamFind Visual Search Engine
Credit: appsapk.com

CamFind is a visual search mobile app that allows you to look for anything from your cellphone by clicking an image. 

Rather than asking questions in a web search tool, you can directly search using pictures to discover comparative pictures, neighborhood shopping results, and so on. You can likewise upload a picture of a film banner, and CamFind will show you film data, trailers, show times, and neighborhood theaters showing the film.

D) Bing Visual Search

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – Bing Visual Search

Using Bing Visual Search, you can look for a particular component inside a picture without going through all the data.

For instance, say you’re searching for kitchen refurbishment ideas, and a picture stands out for you. You click on the thumbnail result to get to the “Detailed View” option. Generally speaking, you don’t like the style, yet the crystal fixture is something you can see in your home. Wouldn’t you want to know where you can get one like it? With Bing Visual Search, you can find out.


Jump on the visual search trend in 2021 to attract customers and help them identify perfect product.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer advertising helps you leverage your brand message to a broader audience. Influencers can be notable big names; however, they are frequently Instagram or YouTube characters with a tremendous specialty following who can help spread the word about your business or item through their social channels. 


Influencer marketing is generally more trustworthy than corporate advertising. You can find specific niche-wise influencers using various free tools on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

5. Personalization

If you need to stand out in 2021, you need to customize your advertising – that includes personalized content, emails, messages, products, etc. Connect with your users using personalized messages. According to the stats, “80% people agree to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experiences.”


Brands like Starbucks curate personalized-based campaigns to drive people towards their brands.

6. Retention and Segmentation 

It’s always hard to get a new client on board than to keep your existing customer happy. Get in touch with customers who are no longer doing business with you, keep them updated about your offers, celebrations, achievements using email marketing or any social media. By collecting a database of customers, you can segment them as per your needs. Through this, you have an opportunity to save costs on your product or service. This tactic is not new, but it will always be fresh in marketing because ‘Old is Gold.’ 


Personalize your follow-ups and reward your most profitable (VIP) customer.

7. Use of Branded AR Filters on Instagram 

The use of branded AR Filters is going to increase in 2021. Cosmetic companies allow users to select different makeup shade filter on their images to see how they look  when applying different shades of makeup. Consumers can also try different outfits or place objects in their houses without seeing them in person; this update is not new, but few people are aware of this trend.

As an Advertising Agency in Mumbai, we expect the use of Branded AR Filters on Instagram to increase rapidly, a la` Instagram Reels. This is going to be a marketing tool to watch out for. 


Creating new filters is easy; every time someone uses a customized filter, the account name of its creator is on top. In case the filter goes viral, the creator gets more followers. Note: Instagram doesn’t pay accounts for creating new filters.

8. Sustainability

In 2021, every brand will have to focus on environmentalism because consumers strongly feel companies should care for the environment and use their vast resources to improve the environment. The good thing here is, that the environment benefits. 

There are many ways to showcase environmentalism, depending on your branding style. You can even opt for some stylish methods, such as branded reusable tote bags, green goodies that suit your brand. 


With suitable creative designs, you can convey your message visually, showing your brand’s environmentalism.


So you have had a glimpse of the top 8 digital marketing trends for 2021. Follow these digital marketing trends to leverage your brand’s visibility and get the best RoIe for it. In digital marketing, constant change is a necessary piece of any strategy to stay ahead of your rivals.

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